Device Corporate Wi-Fi Modification

This guide will allow administrators to add a desired network connection that registered corporate devices will automatically connect to.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Device

Handbook Reference

Package: Device Management

Domain: Company Wi-Fi Management

Modifies: Sanctioned Wi-Fi Networks

Device Corporate Wi-Fi Modification

  1. Navigate to Configuration Profiles – Intune, locate and select the Security Essentials Company Wi-Fi configuration profile.
  2. Once selected locate the Configuration Settings section and select Edit to begin the Company Wi-Fi modification process.
  3. We will be needing to add the parameters for the desired network connection. Supply the necessary fields for Wi-Fi name (SSID), Connection name, and Wireless Security Type. You will need to supply the password configured for the wireless access point in the Pre-Shared Key field, leave the rest of the fields unaltered. Once the necessary Wi-Fi modifications have been made, select Review + Save to proceed to the summary page where you will verify that the new changes have been applied to the entry.
  4. Locate the necessary configuration setting and verify that the changes have been deployed properly, if you detect an error select the Configuration Settings blade to go back to the previous section to make the necessary adjustments. If everything checks out, select Save to finalize the Corporate Wi-Fi modification process.

Need Assistance?

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