Device Time Zone Modification

This guide will allow administrators to specify a desired time zone that will be preconfigured on registered corporate devices.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Device

Handbook Reference

Package: Device Management

Domain: Time Zone Management

Modifies: Sanctioned Timezone

Device Time Zone Modification

  1. Navigate to Configuration Profiles – Intune, locate and select the Security Essentials Timezone configuration profile.
  2. Once selected locate the Configuration Settings section and select Edit to begin the Time Zone modification process.
  3. Select the three dots beside the OMA-URI Settings entry, locate and select the Edit button to modify the string value associated with the entry.
  4. A pop up will be displayed, here you will be able to modify the Name, Description, and Value fields to reflect the newly desired Time Zone specified by Management. Do not modify the OMA-URI field, alterations made to this filed could result in the entire configuration profile failing to deploy. Once all the necessary fields have been changed, select Once the necessary modifications have been made, select Review + Save to proceed to the summary page where you will verify that the new changes have been successfully uploaded.
  5. Locate the necessary configuration setting and verify that the new changes are appearing, if you detect a discrepancy select the Configuration Settings blade to go back to the previous section to make the necessary adjustments. If everything checks out, select Save to finalize the Time Zone modification process.

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