Email File Block

This guide will allow an administrator to create a file blacklist that will prevent users accessing or receiving emails that have the hash embedded within its contents.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Security

Handbook Reference

Package: Email Security

Domain: File Management

Modifies: Unsanctioned Files

Email File Block

  1. Navigate to Files – 365 Defender, select the Block option to create the restriction for the desired file hash. A pop-up will be displayed where you will supply the necessary file hashes that need to be restricted, you will want to specify the Remove Block Entry After dropdown to be Never Expire to ensure that this block won’t need to be reestablished. Optional Note will be used as a supplemental area for other admins when viewing this section, you will add a brief explanation on why the block has been initiated on this file. Select Add to finalize the block.

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