Getting Access to a Blocked Website

Every now and then, you might bump into a virtual "Keep Out" sign when trying to access a website. Sometimes, these blockades are for our own safety; other times, it's just a hiccup.

Why is a Website Blocked?

Web filters, in their quest to secure our online experiences, might occasionally misinterpret a safe website as a potential risk. Instead of viewing this as a problem, think of it as a security feature that sometimes requires a little nudge in the right direction.

This guide will accomplish the following:

  • Determine if a Website is Truly Blocked
  • Getting your Site Back

Procedure Scope: Users

Required Group Membership: N/A

Determine if a Website is Truly Blocked

1. Before rushing to unblock a web page, let's be sure it's the web filter acting up and not something else. Each browser gives its own hint, but it usually includes the words "Secure Connection":




2. To double-check if it's the web filter, try this: copy your website's address from Chrome or Firefox and paste it into Edge. Navigate to the site. If you see "This Content Is Blocked", and you feel the site is safe, let's move to the next step!

Getting your Site Back

1. To gain access to your website, just send in a quick request. Drop a message to your IT contact or supervisor through Teams or Email, asking them to whitelist the URL. Need help with what to say? We've got a template right below for you:

❓| Don't know who to talk to? Just email

“Hello, I have a URL –{URL}- that I would like whitelisted. The reason I would like it allowed is to {Description}. Thank you!”

2. An expert should be in touch with you soon. Be on the lookout for their response!

You're Finished!

It's normal to need to do this from time to time. If your websites get consistently blocked, and you would like to change that behavior, let your customer success manager know! If you face any other hiccups, we are an email away, providing security for humans! 👤🌐