Guest Inviter Role Addition

This guide will allow administrators to add the guest inviter role to a designated user, allowing them to share resources with allowed external organizations through SharePoint.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Roles

Handbook Reference

Package: Collaboration Security

Domain: Sharing Invitations Management

Modifies: Sanctioned Guest Invitation Role Members

Guest Inviter Role Addition

  1. Navigate to Roles – Azure Active Directory, utilize the text field to search for the Guest Inviter role.  Once located, click into the listed role.
  2. Under the Assignments tab you will be able to add the necessary groups or users that need the permissions granted from this role. Select Add Assignments, a pop-up will be displayed where you will be able to supply the necessary user or group utilizing the text field. Once the necessary user or group has been selected, finalize the addition by selecting Add.

Need Assistance?

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