MFA Registration Exclusion

This guide will allow administrators to create an exemption from desired accounts registering MFA credentials with your organization.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Security

Handbook Reference

Package: Identity Security

Domain: Multi-Factor Protection Management

Modifies: MFA Registration Exclusions

MFA Registration Exclusion

  1. Navigate to Registration Campaign – Azure Active Directory, under the Settings section select Edit.
  2. Select the + Add Users and Groups option under the Excluded Users and Groups setting. Do not modify any other settings listed, failure to abide could result in resources not being protected properly or a mass lockout scenario due to misconfiguration.
  3. A pop up will be displayed where you will be able to select the desired User or Group specified by management. Use the provided text field to search for the user account or group name, select the name in the generated list below, once selected they will be displayed in the Selected section. Finalize the user or group selection by hitting Select.
  4. Once the necessary additions have been made and are generating under the Settings section, select Save to finalize the MFA registration exemption process.

Need Assistance?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss how a Sittadel cybersecurity analyst can assist in managing these tasks for you. New to our services? Inquire about arranging a consultation to explore optimizing your Azure environment for painless management.