Mobile Device Company Data Removal

This guide will allow administrators to initiate a corporate data wipe on select apps for a registered device through Intune.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Device

Handbook Reference

Package: Device Security

Domain: Mobile Application Protection Management

Modifies: Mobile Device Wipe Requests

Mobile Device Company Data Removal

  1. Navigate to Selective App Wipe – Intune, select Create Wipe Request.
  2. Click Select User and select the user you wish to perform the data wipe on. From there, the mobile devices the user has company data on will populate. Select the specific device or all devices, depending on the anticipated outcome.
  3. The wipe request will appear on the main screen; Pending will be displayed as the status until it is successfully complete. When the wipe request disappears, it has been successfully fulfilled.

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