O365 Security Awareness Training Campaign Creation Work Instruction

This work instruction will allow an administrator to enforce a SAT module to a specified set of users leveraging Microsoft created content for learning about a specified topic.

This article is intended for employees of organizations that use Sittadel's security. Additionally, there are some actions that can only be accomplished by those with administrative privileges.

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.SecurityAwareness

  1. Navigate to Simulations Training – O365 Defender, select Create New.
  2. Provide a name and description of the campaign you ware launching. Select Next when complete.
  3. Specify the user scope you want the campaign to affect. Select Next when complete.
  4. An exclusion option will be generated, use this setting if applicable. Select Next to continue.
  5. Select a training module to send to end users by selecting Add Training which will list all the preconfigured Microsoft Training Modules. Select Next when complete.
  6. Specify the frequency of notifications you want sent to end users regarding campaign training. Select Next when complete.
  7. Determine a time frame for which you want to launch the training campaign, either immediately or scheduled. Select Next to proceed to revisions.
  8. All the details of the campaign configuration will be listed, an opportunity to make setting adjustments will be available. When complete select Submit to finalize training campaign creation.
  9. Upon successful creation the campaign will be generated in the list.

You're Finished!

You should have successfully created a Security Awareness Training campaign that will be sent to the specified users, this will leverage Microsoft created content to inform users on the specified topics. For any other problems or questions, reach out to us!