Outbound Connection Addition

This guide will allow an administrator to create a graylisting bypass for outgoing mail to the desired partner organization.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Security

Handbook Reference

Package: Email Security

Domain: Connector Management

Modifies: Sanctioned Outbound Connections

Outbound Connector Addition

  1. Navigate to Connectors – Exchange Admin Center, select the Add a Connector option to start the establishment of a sanctioned line of communication.
  2. A pop-up will be displayed where you will be able to provide necessary configuration settings for the policy. Specify the Connection From prompt as Office 365 and the Connection To as Partner Organization since this creation guide revolved around Outbound communication. Select Next to proceed to establishing a name and description.
  3. The Name of the connector should reflect the organization that this allowance is being created for, the Description should reflect the details related to the line of communication establishment. You will leave the Policy turned on once the connector is saved, and you will conduct the necessary monitoring of email communication with the designated domain or IP to ensure that no failures are taking place. Select Next to proceed.
  4. The Use of Connector section will allow you to configure one of two options depending on the situation. We will be utilizing the Domains option which will apply the connector to messages that are being sent outbound to the specified Domain. You will provide a Domain in the designated text field and select the Plus icon to add the necessary information to the list. Once the information has been added select Next to continue.
  5. The Routing section will allow you to specify the path that will be followed by outbound mail directed towards the listed Domain. We will be utilizing the MX Records Associated with the Partner’s Domain. Select Next to proceed.
  6. The Security Restrictions section will allow you to specify optional security requirements that need to be met in addition to the Authentication process. For this guide, we will not be requiring TLS encryption for mail sent to the provided domain. Select Next to proceed.
  7. The Validation Email section will require you to list an active email address included in your partner’s domain to send a test email to verify that the connector is operating as intended. You will provide the address in the text field and select the Add icon followed by Validate to initiate the validation process. If the validation process fails, you will need to either attempt to verify a different active mailbox in the partner’s domain or check the parameters listed in the configuration settings prior. Once the validation process has succeeded, select Next to proceed to the review portion.
  8. For the Review section, all the configured settings will be listed. If you detect a discrepancy in the setup of the connector this is the time to make the necessary adjustments, you can select the Edit option under each section to make these changes. If everything looks good, select Create Connector to finalize the allowance process.

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