Purview Log Retention Policy Modification

This guide will allow administrators to specify a desired timeframe to retain logs generated by Purview activity detection.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Compliance

Handbook Reference

Package: Audit & Compliance

Domain: Microsoft Purview Data Retention Management

Modifies: Sanctioned Purview Log Retention Period

Purview Log Retention Policy Modification

  1. Navigate to Audit Retention Policies – Purview, locate and select the Security Essentials Audit Log Retention policy. A pop up will be displayed where you will be able to change the Duration to fit the desired retention period specified by management. Do not alter the record type values, failure to abide will result in priority actions being undocumented. Once the newly desired timeframe has been set, select Save to finalize the retention policy modification process.

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