Spam Sender/Domain Allowance

This guide will allow administrators to create an anti-spam scanning bypass for desired email addresses or domains.

Role Requirements

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Security

Handbook Reference

Package: Email Security

Domain: Sender Allowance Management

Modifies: Sanctioned Spam Senders and Domains

Spam Sender/Domain Allowance

  1. Navigate to Anti-Spam – 365 Defender, select the Security Essentials Anti-Spam Inbound policy or the Equivalent Existing Custom Inbound Anti-Spam Threat Policy. A pop-up will be displayed showing all applicable security scanning settings locate the Allowed and Blocked Senders and Domains section and select Edit to being the allowance creation process.
  2. When selected you will have the choice of selecting either the Manage Sender(s) hyperlink for a specific address allowance, or the Allow Domains hyperlink for a specific domain allowance depending on the situation. Regardless of the selection, you will be displayed with an additional prompt where you will need to provide the necessary address or domain.
  3. Select either Add Senders or Add Domains and provide the necessary address or domain in the text field provided. To save the information provided select the Add Senders or Add Domains button.
  4. After the address or domain addition prompt has been finalized select Done followed by Save to finalize all necessary modifications made to the policy.

Need Assistance?

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