Viewing Audit Logs Work Instruction

This work instruction will allow administrators to view audited activities related to users that have been captured by Azure AD.

This article is intended for employees of organizations that use Sittadel's security. Additionally, there are some actions that can only be accomplished by those with administrative privileges.

Procedure Scope: Administrators

Required Group Membership: Admin.Compliance

  1. Navigate to Audit Logs – Azure Active Directory.
  2. From this page you can alter the Date filter to pull sign-in attempts made for up to a 30-day span. You can also adjust the Activity filter to search for specific events that have taken place within the tenant, this could include an update of a user, group, policy, etc.

You're Finished!

You should have successfully viewed the audit logs; adjusting the filters to meet your needs. For any other problems or questions, reach out to us!