Sharing a Document or Folder

Do you dream about editing documents in real time with friends from other organizations? Maybe it's just us, but if you do, you've come to the right place.

Why Not Just Email it?

Gone are the days of email ping-pong with multiple document versions cluttering your inbox. Welcome to the future, where there are no flying cars, but we have real-time collaboration so you and anyone else can edit a document together. This may seem daunting, but we promise it's easier than you would have expected. 

This guide will accomplish the following:

  • Getting Approval to Share
  • Sending Out the Invitations

Applicable Scope: Internal Users

Required Group Membership: User.Collaboration

Getting Approval to Share

  1. First, we need access to invite someone; this is just a quick request. Drop a message to your IT contact or supervisor through Teams or Email, asking them to add you as a collaborator. Need help with what to say? We've got a template right below for you, just fill in the bolded areas:

    ❓| Don't know who to talk to? Just email

    β€œHello, I have an external company I would like to collaborate with the {DOCUMENT NAME} document on. I will need the User.Collaboration group assigned to my account, and the user(s) I would like to share with is/are {USER(S)}. Thank you!” 

  2. An expert should be in touch with you soon. Be on the lookout for their response! Once they have approved your request, you can move on to the next section!

Sending Out the Invitations

  1. Start by choosing the document or folder you're keen to share. Go ahead and right-click it and select Share.

    πŸš€ |  If you are on the web app, this will appear as the icon. 

    ⚑ | You want to see the screen with the Green Check. If you see the screen with the Red X, the document is not able to be shared. Let an expert know about this!

  2. Click on People in 'organization ' With the Link Can View.
  3. Here's where it gets specific – choose Specific People. If you're doing this online, you'll find it labeled as People You Choose. Craving real-time edits and insights from your collaborator? Then pick Can Edit. Confirm your choice with a satisfying click on Apply at the screen's base.

    πŸš€ |  You may also leave this on Can View, if you don't want to give edit ability. 

  4. Now, key in the entire email address of your recipient. Once typed, the username should pop up in the box below. Go ahead; click on it! Then seal the deal by pressing Send

    ⚑ | Autocomplete is not present here, so make sure to type the whole email!

  5. Your guest will get an email saying they're invited. To make their life easier, send them our handy guide on how to Accepting a Document Invite. You're such a champ for thinking of them!

You're Finished!

You've just made sure your invite is on its way. Soon, you'll be sharing and collaborating. If you face any hiccups, we are an email away, providing security for humans! πŸ‘€πŸ“¨